The Flow Battery Research Collective (FBRC) was established in 2023 by chemist Dr. Daniel Fernandez and engineer Dr. Kirk Smith. Drawing on their respective expertise in organic solar cells and flow batteries, Daniel and Kirk recognized a shared passion for driving innovation and fostering accessibility within the energy sector. Fuelled by their dedication to open-source principles, they embarked on a journey to establish FBRC as a collaborative platform for advancing flow battery technology.

Daniel Fernandez’s background in organic solar cells and his hobbyist exploration of battery development, which he shared on his personal blog, combined with Kirk Smith’s PhD thesis research in flow batteries, laid the foundation for FBRC’s interdisciplinary approach. With a firm belief in the power of collaboration, they set out to break down silos within the scientific community, inviting researchers, engineers, and enthusiasts to join forces in tackling the challenges of energy storage. From its inception, FBRC embodied a spirit of inclusivity and shared progress, driven by a collective mission to develop scalable, sustainable, and accessible solutions for the future of energy storage.


FBRC is proud to have the support of the following organizations:

FAIR Battery