Introducing the Flow Battery Research Collective


April 19, 2024

Hello, world! We are two scientists passionate about developing affordable, sustainable batteries for clean energy storage. We met online while independently researching low-cost flow battery storage technologies, started sharing resources, and quickly created the Flow Battery Research Collective to give a name to our efforts and try to share our work and bring others into the fold.

This website will serve as a home for the project. Right now we are working on a development kit for research and education use, but we plan to eventually create practically useful systems, on the kW/kWh scale!

We welcome anyone who wants to reach out and take part in the project, offer feedback/advice, or participate in any capacity. You can contact us at

Daniel and Kirk wearing lab coats standing with a plastic container on a lab bench holding a flow battery test kit inside

Daniel and Kirk with a prototype of the flow battery development kit.